Save the planet by surfing the web

I am always looking for ways to be a better global citizen. I am online 50% of my day so stumbling into this site was definitely a god-sent. Ecosia is a CO2 neutral search engine powered by Bing that turns your clicks into planted trees through its ad generated income.801-Ecosia.jpg

So far almost 8,000,000 have been planted since 2009. Ecosia uses its search ad revenue to plant trees in Burkina Faso in Africa, bringing water, plants and animals back to drought-ridden areas. The revived land means more jobs, healthier livestock and more independent people. A stronger local economy allows both women and men to earn their own income, meaning more children can go to school. Our forests are part of the international effort to build a “Great Green Wall” across Africa for increased environmental, social and economic prosperity.green_wall_map_en.png

Through sustainable land use, water cycles can be restarted, clean air is created, and stronger economies are built. Helping out is as simple as clicking on the link below :

Search Engine Link

For more information about Ecosia, their work, and their financial click on their below link:

About Ecosia


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