Three airlines making international travel affordable again

  1. WOW Air- Is a relatively new airline, founded only on 2012. This Icelandic budget airline boasts one-way tickets to Reykjavik from Washington D.C for $99 USD and Boston to Paris for $189 USD, and Los Angeles to Paris for $199 USD each way, taxes and fees included. One thing to keep in mind is the carry on allowance is only 11 pounds (5 kilos). Prices for an additional carry-on and checked bags will vary depending on departure city and destination. Just remember that you will be saving up to 40% by reserving your luggage online before check-in.55158fff96bfd1f1482d3e65_5-wowairrkv-cr-bergsveinn-norddahl.jpg
  2. Iceland Air- This quirky airline is not exactly budget, but it provides several perks. What are these perks exactly? First, they allow one free stopover in Iceland on your way to many destinations in Europe. The stops appear to be pretty flexible when it comes to days, and their website provides you with multiple itineraries depending on your time staying on in Iceland, for up to 5 days. Secondly, they offer a buddy. Yes, a buddy. The airline provides you with an employee guide based on your desired activities to accompany you for a full day. Lastly, they have the Heckla Aurora, a unique aircraft with internal moonlighting recreating the famous Aurora Borealis. Since it’s not a budget airline, Iceland Air allows two carry-ons,  one 10kg (22lbs) and a personal bag and two bags weighing up to 23kg (50lbs) each for the base economy fare.689384_3533_preview.jpg
  3. Norwegian Airlines- This airline from the U.K. has ruffled some feathers with their advertised low prices as they introduced cross-continental flights from the USA to Europe. US airlines and flight crews have been protesting their petition, but it looks like the two-year battle is coming to an end and the result will be in our favor. The UK Department of Transport has stepped up behind the airline, and we should expect to see some competitive prices from other airlines due to new competition. Currently, $450 USD gets you a round trip ticket from Boston to London, and $49 gets you one way to the French Caribbean from many east coast locations! When it comes to luggage allowance, they only allow one handbag/laptop bag and one carry-on bag, 10 kilos (22lbs) for economy and premium, 15 kilos (33lbs) for economy flex or premium flex. Checked bags are a bit more complicated. For baggage allowance purchased at the airport, the fees are as followed:

Direct flights

Domestic: 35 USD

International: 65 USD

Connecting flights

Domestic/domestic: 70 USD

Domestic/International: 100 USD

International/International: 130 USD

When it comes to luggage reserved online, it will vary depending on destination, but their website explains that the savings are up to 50%.norwegian-flight-interior.jpg

Overall, you can’t go wrong with any of these three airlines. They all offer something different, and each will appeal to different people. Like any other airlines, the best thing to do is to purchase your tickets a few months in advance and plan ahead of time. Happy travels!


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